Art – New & Old

Art – New & Old

One of my first TV jobs was working as a field producer on an HGTV show called The Carol Duvall Show. It was a lovely show, in which Carol would demonstrate simple craft ideas anyone could make, and highlight working artists doing the kinds of things most of us only dream about making. It was my job to shoot the videos of these working artists. Because of that show, I met ceramicists, glass blowers, metal workers and doll makers. And I spent the equivalent of my salary on their work. Didn’t matter. I loved what they made and I was thrilled to have met the person who made it.

I’ve become an art junkie. Not the high end NY auction/gallery stuff or Art Basel art fair (I don’t happen to have an extra twelve million) but the street artist, local art fair junkie. It is my #1 souvenir when I travel – and I get to live with the memories of my trips every day. As I write this, I’m looking at a painting of a small boat I bought in Paris years ago for about $60. No one looking at the piece would know it was made by a shy Frenchman, or that I bought it on a freezing December morning in Montparnasse Park, but I know. I love the painting, but I also love the story behind it.

I love talking with artists and love having a story for each piece I buy. And I especially love that by buying from the person who made it, I’ve helped them continue to do what they love.

Everyone who buys my books helps me keep writing, so I like keeping the chain going, I guess. Thanks for that, by the way.


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