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Art – New & Old

One of my first TV jobs was working as a field producer on an HGTV show called The Carol Duvall Show. It was a lovely show, in which Carol would demonstrate simple craft ideas anyone could make, and highlight working artists doing the kinds of things most of us only dream about making. It was […]

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Another day, another dead body

I took time off writing novels to focus on my day job these last couple of years. But I’m back now, with a new book off to my agent, and two more at the “almost done” phase to be completed this year.* It’s fun to be back writing regularly again, and it scares me a […]

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Blog Hop

Catriona McPherson, author the Dandy Gilver series as well as two stand-alones, As She Left It and The Day She Died tagged me for this blog hop. I’ve been round this blog hop before…. which naturally I forgot…but I’m grateful to have so many friends who want to tag me, so here are my answers […]

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Tag, you’re it!

We’ve been doing this blog hop thing, with mystery authors linking to other mystery authors in a not so veiled attempt to introduce our readers to other authors. Last week, Marcia Talley linked to me, and I’m linking to three friends, and fellow writers. They’ll all be blogging on December 26th but check out their […]

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Cross an item off your Christmas list!

Cathedral Windows has been out for just over a week, so some of you may have had a chance to read it. If so, you’re ready for phase 2 in the Archers Rest Christmas Spectacular!!! (Okay, it’s not really spectacular, but it is, I hope, nice.) I’m giving away a complete set of Someday Quilts […]

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Contest Winners – and more contest news!!

Thanks to everyone who entered The Quilt Show/ Someday Quilts contest. The winners are: Joanne Tinker, Campobello, NB Jill Hicks, New Berlin IL Sandy Bradfield, Valley Village CA Terri Rexford, Kingsport, TN Karen Vecchioli, Staunton, VA I’ll also be having a Thanksgiving weekend give-away contest… news about that later. It may help you cross a […]

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On November 13th, Cathedral Windows, my first e-story will be released. It’s a weird new experience for me and I’m excited. It came about because the 5th Someday Quilts book won’t be released in September of 2013… which will probably be here in a flash, but it seems like a long time away at the […]

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July 5th

A lot of folks get all excited about the work our founding fathers did in the hot summer of 1776 (though not as hot as this one, I hope). We all celebrated it yesterday with hotdogs and fireworks and air conditioning … the way Ben Franklin intended. But it got me thinking, after all that […]

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My blog

Have you noticed that I haven’t written in a while? Me too. I’ve been busy. My day job heated up to the point of my working morning until night seven exhausting days a week, and something had to give. (First it was personal hygiene, then it was this…) It has, however, been brought to my […]

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The Tao of Billy Joel

I’m sitting in a Starbucks waiting for a friend and taking the time to do some writing. While I’m writing, Billy Joel’s song Vienna comes on. It’s one of those old songs that’s used from time to time in movies because it pretty much sums up the reality of most of our lives vs. the […]

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