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Goal vs. Fantasy

At nearly every book fair, festival, signing and event I go to, I run into someone who is working on their first novel. It’s very exciting for them – and for me, because I remember what it’s like to be writing and hoping, excited but overwhelmed by this new venture. Plenty of people rolled their […]

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It’s crazy nice outside. March. I’m in New York and it’s in the 70s with word on the street that it will be 80 tomorrow. Too nice for writing, don’t you think? It’s wandering the street, enjoying the sounds and sights weather. Of course I’m in New York working on a television project so my […]

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What Doesn’t Kill Us…

I was walking down the street yesterday when I passed a guy on his cellphone. (Passing someone not on his cell phone has become increasingly rare, hasn’t it?) Anyway, the guy was offering advice, I assume, to the person he was talking to. He said, “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.” We’ve all heard […]

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Today I saw a teenager wearing a sleevless top, jeans and sandals. It’s February. In Chicago. Sure, it’s a warm February. 44 degrees today. But is 44 degrees sandal weather? Not to me. I was just happy to be without a hat and snow boots. So this sleeveless sandal wearer… is she an optimist, alien […]

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One of the great pleasures of doing the Houston Quilt Festival has been sitting next to authors, hanging out and selling each other’s books (so much more fun than selling our own). One of those authors, Sandra Dallas, has become the kind of friend who would be willing to do a guest post even though […]

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A Scrapbook of Secrets

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the first novel by a new author, Mollie Cox Bryan. Well, she’s new to fiction. Mollie has been writing cookbooks for a while, and is also a journalist. After I read the book (which I loved!) I got even luckier. Mollie […]

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Two Books, Lots of Waiting….

Feeling slightly crazy today as I work on two books at once. The deadlines for both are in the distance, comfortably far away. Like a tiny dot in the ocean that will – when it gets closer – reveal itself to be a giant ocean liner, the deadlines are easy to ignore for the moment. […]

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Desperately Seeking a Barry Eisler Asterisk

I’d like to blog once or twice a week just to keep the habit going, but I’ve realized, I’m just not interesting enough to write about myself twice a week.  Luckily for me (and you) I have lots of friends who are doing cool things… among them author friends with books I’d like to share with […]

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So what now?

2012 is the last year of the earth. At least according to some crackpots who are misreading Mayan culture. But that’s good enough for me. Since 2012 is it, I should do something special, something I’ve always wanted to do (like George Clooney). And take a vacation. I travel so much for my job as a TV […]

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A New Year

Welcome to the new year. So far so good. I managed to do pretty much nothing on the 1st, except meditate, exercise and knit. I’m assuming the rest of the year will be busier, but I’m in no hurry. I don’t make resolutions mainly because it’s too depressing when I break them, but this year I’ve […]

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