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The perfect roller coaster ride.” ―Suspense Magazine
Plenty of thrills and hints at an exciting future for the reluctantly daring duo.” ―Kirkus Reviews
O’Donohue supplies plenty of fun spy business, but the believability and chemistry of Hollis and Finn as a couple, as shown in their witty dialogue, is the main appeal.” ―Publishers Weekly

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About the Author

Clare O’Donohue was born in Chicago IL, the youngest of four smart, loud, opinionated kids. Not being able to get a word in edge-wise, she took to writing down her thoughts. She also took to reading. The first book she ever read all by herself was Cinderella, and she was subsequently disappointed by the lack of a fairy godmother who might be able turn the family collie into a horse.

Not all books have disappointed though. At ten she read The Great Gatsby (yes, precocious, and Mom was an English teacher). She fell so in love with the words of F Scott Fitzgerald, she wanted some small part of the magic he created, and right then she decided to be a writer.

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“It’s rare to find a contemporary mystery that makes the everyday challenge of honest communication between partners so compelling, but that’s exactly the core of this entertaining mystery about a husband and wife team of crime solvers.” –BOOKLIST